BPCC and GSU become partners

Grambling State University and Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) signed a partnership agreement.The agreement will facilitate students who require developmental courses before they can receive four-year degrees.

The agreement will boost enrollment The students will be engaged in a host of collegiate activities.

Grambling State University will work closely with BPCC to schedule courses and register students for the specific sections at the University campus.

GSU will provide classroom and office space for student counseling.

The university will provide housing options (either University-owned/privatized) for BPCC at GSU.

BPCC students at GSU will have access to computer labs for the use of supplemental learning resources via the Internet.

Classrooms, instructional support equipment, office space and meeting rooms will be provided at BPCC to grant Grambling State University the opportunity to teach courses in criminal justice, public administration and social work.

A blend of BPCC and Grambling State University faculty will lecture courses which will be administered on both campuses.
GSU President Frank Pogue, praised the agreement.

“We can sustain 7500 students, significantly more than we have now. The governor and legislature have been pushing using 2-year colleges as a gateway to our major college system and we feel this is the perfect way of accomplishing that.”

GSU Interim Provost Connie Walton said, “Joint grant opportunities the schools will explore focusing on student access and success.

“This will help ensure a highly-trained workforce for Louisiana after they graduate.