Tiger Bucks, GFlex and added options

GSU students have increased options with their identification cards this semester. Previously, student IDs were used for meals in the cafeteria, Tiger Xpress food court and Tiger Xpress convenience store. Once validated, the cards are also used for entrance to on-campus games.Students now have the option of putting Tiger Bucks or GFlex on their cards.

Students might appreciate GFlex perks: Rollover funds and increased on-campus spending choices. (GFlex can be used in the bookstore.)

“You will not lose your GFlex dollars at the end of a semester as compared to Tiger Bucks,” Campus Card Manager Yvette Robinson said.

In order to get GFlex, students should complete a voucher in the Tiger 1 office of Student Accounts and indicate the amount of funds to be withheld from their refund. Those funds will be applied to their GFlex balance.

“Students can place GFlex dollars onto their Tiger1 Card in several ways,” said Robinson.

“You may use the PHiL Machine located in the mail room lobby on campus to load your card.

“You may also come to the cashier’s window located in Long-Jones Hall or you may use the Tiger1 Card web site.
“(It is) tiger1.gram.edu, to place GFlex dollars on your account.”

“Also, we will be implementing our Tiger1 Card to include vending and laundry services. GFlex dollars will be used as payment for these services.”

These practice don’t differ much from other universities.

“We have something called declining balance. It’s the equivalent of Tiger Bucks. Only people who live on campus with a meal plan can have one,” said Ronni Denise a psychology senior at Louisiana Tech.

“For people who don’t live on campus, they can use Tech Express, which can be used to not only by food but used to buy books and whatever else is in the bookstore.”

Some GSU students might be uncertain about GFlex or simply prefer to stick with Tiger Bucks. That option remains.

“We have not switched from Tiger Bucks to GFlex. Tiger Bucks are still available and will be the mainstay of our existing food service venues.

“However, GFlex is being instituted to expand our services to our students,” Robinson said.

GFlex indicates a larger movement within the Grambling community.

“Your GFlex account is a flexible and secure alternative to carrying cash.

“By using GFlex dollars you have more purchasing power on campus.”

Robinson added that GFlex will be a viable form of compensation for Ruston, Monroe and Shreveport vendors in the future.

GFlex does not affect student meal plans.

For GFlex and Tiger Bucks information, call the Tiger One office at (318) 274- 2081.