Love: battlefield for knights and princesses

So you went on a perilous adventure, killed the dragon, and saved the princess. Now you’re living happily ever after. Or are you? Being a knight in busted armor is hard work, and once you have your princess it only gets more difficult. You already fought to get to her, now you have to fight for her, to protect her, to keep her. And you thought the dragon was tough? Ha-ha, you haven’t even heard of some even worse monsters. However, my message is for the princesses out there who have been rescued by a knight in busted armor.

First, if I may say so, you have to understand that we are unique males and since we fought to get to you, it stands to reason that we actually know how precious and special you really are. Some may say that we are na’ve.

Why? Because, we are TOO nice. We compliment our lady not once, but as often as we can. We appreciate the gift that God has graced this earth with for man.

I say to the ladies, if it seems like we are “too nice” or compliment you a lot, just remember all the jerks that took you for granted. They will call you and compliment you, when THEY feel the time is right.

With that said, some of us knights have a more cautious approach into relationships. The scars we have aren’t just from battles. Some are from past so-called “princesses” who didn’t appreciate what they had and kicked us out the tower, leaving us bruised and battling again.

So if we seem nervous at first it’s only because we don’t want to fall on our butts again. In addition, if we compliment you a lot, a simple “I appreciate you, too” will do.

To send a knight to the dungeon for appreciating his princess is a forgiving pain, but pain nonetheless. And to my fellow knights, don’t get discouraged.

You must understand that she is not used to this: a man who is patient, listens, genuinely cares about her, and has proven that he is always there for her. So it may take time; but, continue to be patient because it is worth it. Also, she knows you fought to get to her so there is no need to constantly remind her of the battles you went through.

She does appreciate you, so don’t worry about that; it’s just that her trust level isn’t at “that point” yet due to past relationships. So just take it slow, my knights and princesses.

To the princess, do not get excited because you have finally been saved and start to expect living like a queen automatically because there are still some battles you must face together. In addition, to my knights, don’t get lazy because you finally have a princess. You need to stay aware of the things that might come to attack her.

Moreover, while writing this I became interested to see if anyone had found their knight in busted armor and had let them go.

The person I interviewed will remain
anonymous. But here we go: I started by asking her if she had found her knight and she said that she had, but it did not work out because she still had that knight in shining armor mentality. She also mentioned that ever since he left she has needed him more and more, “like air” to be exact. It is sad; but, some of you who think you found your knight might be headed in this direction if you are not careful.

You may not be living happily ever after right now; but. just wait and be patient, for patience is the key to unlocking the gate that leads to the path of the rest of your lives.

Tory R. Wadlington is a sophomore mass communication major from Murrieta, Calf.