GHS Pride and Respect Rally

The Grambling Laboratory School held its Pride and Respect Rally on the morning of Jan. 21. The program was held in the gymnasium.The Pride and Respect Rally was put on for students in grades 6-11. The guest speaker of the program was Ron Anderson, a successful businessman and public speaker for different institutions in Northern Louisiana.

Principal Sandra M. Boston was delighted to introduce the distinctive speaker.

Anderson’s speech was titled “Optional Potential.” He stressed how students have the option to reach their full potential.

He spoke to the students about never giving up and always putting forth their best effort. Failure is not an option.

He showed a Power Point of his childhood home in Minden. The small shack had no running water, heat, or air conditioning.

He spoke of growing up in poverty, but never letting it stop him from attending school every day.

Anderson told the audience, “It’s not where you came from; but, it’s where you are going.”

He reiterated that students should never let anything get in the way of them becoming successful.

People did not believe that Anderson would ever make it to college because he grew up in poverty.

Anderson showed his doubters differently by doing the opposite.

The motivational speaker also spoke about students finding a positive crowd to socialize with.

He told the students that real friends would never turn their backs on positivism.
Anderson asked a young man in the audience to stand up.

“Now this a young man I would hire to come down and work for me.
“I would never hire anyone with sagging pants.”

The high school student wore a tie, button down shirt, and slacks.

He told the girls and boys in the audience that sharpening their attire is vital for their future.

Anderson received a great response from the audience with roaring applause. Kyra Hill, a seventh grade student loved the program.
“It made me feel that if I try hard enough, I will be successful and achieve the harder things in life,” said Hill.

Senior Raven Presley said, “The program made me feel like I can do anything. I’m proud to be apart of such a great school.”

Speaker Ron Anderson’s speech was followed by a pinning ceremony.

Each student in attendance received a pin to show their dedication to education and pride in their institution.