Miss Grambling welcomes students

It is with great pride and humility that I present myself to you as Solange N. Sayers, Miss Grambling State University 2010-2011, and a senior nursing student from the island of Saint Lucia, West Indies! I trust that everyone had a good and restful break. Upperclassmen, welcome back to another glorious semester here at Grambling State University! Freshmen welcome to our university; a place that you will soon come to call “home” during the time that you spend here.

I am filled with joy to be a fellow Gramblinite and to be able to reinforce the fact that every single one of you is entitled to use the resources of our beloved Grambling State University’s campus in order to achieve optimum success. As young college men and women, we owe it to ourselves to grab onto our responsibility as the masters of our futures. You set the tone for your life. Be it via the Mathematics Department, Engineering, Art, Music, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing or any other major.

You have chosen a path that has been travelled by many but remember that this opportunity is uniquely yours. Please do not take this lightly! There is always immense pressure when we come to realize that our tomorrows lay in our hands and not in those of our parents, friends, teachers – it is our duty. In keeping with the tone of my platform “P.O.W. – Passing on Wisdom” I charge you today to take ownership of your success.

Allow me to share with you some of my keys to success:

Trust in God – He has taken you this far, He will see you through any test.

Learn yourself, love yourself – though challenging at times, others may not be able to do it for you if you are unable to do it for yourself first! You are beautifully, wonderfully made!

Be kind to your neighbor – there is no reason why any human being should walk past another without extending a simple greeting. No one can thrive on this earth without the help of a neighbor; it was not God’s plan. Respect that and say a simple “Hello.”

Become involved in your neighborhood – On your arrival at G.S.U. it was your intention to spend at least three to four years of your life attaining a sound education. Get to know your campus environment, join an organization or five. I have always maintained the fact that the least one can do is become involved in an organization that is related to one’s major. Scholarship opportunities, networking, the chance to improve your socialization skills or hone in on your leadership skills all lay within these organizations. Become the voice of your peers, become an active part of this campus. Leadership skills last a lifetime.

Remember where you come from – I know that as freshmen, this may be your first time away from home – no parents, no restrictions. Wrong, you carry a part of them every single day. Your parents have instilled in you some strong values and morals and in some cases made an investment by paying your way through college. Call home on the weekends, do not forget to say thank you.

You are young ladies and gentlemen – Carry yourself as such. I am not asking that you wear a business suit to the gymnasium; however no young person should leave his/her dorm room in pajamas and bedroom slippers (whether or not you are going to your friend’s room). Dress appropriately! You are now a collegian, a professional and an ambassador for this university.

You are a student first – everyone loves a good chance to party but for the next 4 years or so this is your primary job – being a student. Have fun, enjoy the perks of college life but learn how to prioritize as well. Should I study for this test that will account for 40 percent of my final grade or should I go to Gamma Gamma Purple Thursdays, the Alpahamania Step Show/After Party on Friday and then that Caribbean party on Saturday?

You can do this – anything and everything that you desire is achievable. Plan for the future, learn from those who have gone before you, and never be afraid to ask for help. No one will ever know that you may feel alone or struggling if you do not say so.

Respect your elders – you were molded from their labor.

Again, I charge you to take ownership of your success in life. Anyone who took the initial step to attend university has the potential to be great and can make outstanding contributions! What will you do?

The Office of Miss Grambling State University is here to be of service to the student body and our university as a whole. I urge you to come forward with your concerns, questions, suggestions and more. Do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: ssayers@gsumail.gram.edu or via telephone: 318-274-6400.

The members of the Royal Court are here for you. I am confident as I speak on behalf of our Tiger Family populous in saying that as a whole we are prepared to embrace challenges and emerge victorious. Let us continue to be cordial and respectful to each other so that we may make positive strides toward continuing to build our university as a whole in 2011.

I pray that we all have a fruitful semester as we work toward attaining our ultimate goals. I wish everyone a safe and productive semester and I look forward to speak with you throughout the semester.
Happy new year to all!