GSU alum’s play to be shown at Alcorn

The stage play, Silly Women presented by Break the Curse Ministries, Inc. will be performed on the campus of Alcorn State University on Jan. 21 at 6 p.m.Silly Women is directed, written and produced by Dr. Sherlynn Howard-Byrd, a 1990 GSU alum. The play debuted in Cape Giraudoux, Mo. in June 2008.

Break the Curse Ministries, Inc. is a not for profit organization that serves the social, health, physical and spiritual welfare of youth and young adults.

Silly Women is a spiritually centered play filled with issues that affect many youth and adults.

The show provides entertainment while providing answers to real-life questions that must be faced by all at some point in life.

The play is about a young lady named Karen, who grows up in a single parent home where she is required to go to church, do chores around the house and obey her mother’s rules which she hates.

In other words, she is held to a certain form of godly accountability. As she enters college, she falls in love with a handsome and sneaky young man who takes more from her than he gives. She is very hurt by this deception and break-up. This pain causes her to do some silly things including risky promiscuous behavior, which could cause her demise.

She had wise counsel but refuses to take advantage of it because of her stubborn self-will. This eventually causes her to go through some serious trials and challenges that only God can bring her out of.

According to Dr. Byrd, the play was written under the anointing of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from a series of skits performed on youth Sundays at her church, Strait Way Ministries, Inc. in Utica, Miss. under the direction of Bishop Arthur and Dr. Letha Butler.

“I would write various skits and the youth and young adults would perform them.
Although the script has been revised several times, the overreaching theme came from some of those skits,” Byrd said.

When asked about where the play has traveled to, Byrd said that they have performed in Canton, Miss., Vicksburg, Miss., Hazlehurst, Miss, and Shreveport.

Myrtle Hedrick of Port Gibson, Miss. has seen the play and says that it is great and the singing is phenomenal.

“I would recommend that you take some time to see it, is well worth the trip,” Hedrick stated.

Amanda O’Quinn of Fayette, Miss. said the play is not just for young people but for adults as well because everyone can learn something from it.

“I find myself humming the lyrics of the original songs when I wake up in the morning, it will be well worth your time to attend,”she said.

Byrd considers the cast as her little preachers and stated that they are talented and professional young people who enjoy acting and singing.

“If I hadn’t told you, you would not know that they have never had an acting lesson.
They are God-fearing, spirit-filled young people who are a joy to work with. God could not have blessed me with a better ministry to be a part of,” Byrd said.

For more information about the play go to web site via www.breakthecurseinc.com.