Diddy grants Howard University student’s N.Y.E. wish

It all began with one simple tweet. Then Howard University senior Brandon Crump received a phone call from Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.”Yo @iamdiddy…me and my friends are staying in the Luxor for NY…can we get some bison love on your NYE party?” Crump tweeted at 3:50 p.m. Dec. 21.

Less then five minutes after Crump sent the tweet, several Howard students began retweeting. Some of the Twitter users tweeted Combs personally on Crump’s behalf.
“We BELIEVE in dreams and hard work @iamdiddy. @XclusiveCrump has shown just that. Be someone’s blessing this Christmas, grant his wish,” tweeted Alleson Knox, a student at Howard University and Chicago hometown friend of Crump.

Less then an hour later, after receiving numerous tweets ending in #BISONLOVE, Combs finally acknowledged Crump’s request.
“@XclusiveCrump what up- u trying to party on new years eve in vegas? holla back,” Combs tweeted.

Within seconds Crump did just that, and the Howard University student support increased significantly.

“This is more than just a party,” said Crump, a sports management major. “It’s life-changing. I want to establish a network, a long-term relationship with him so that he can mentor and advise me through my journey to the top. Diddy gives off positive energy, but both his dedication and drive inspires me. Plus, he is a fellow Bison.”

Combs entered Howard University in 1988 and soon after utilized his marketing skills as a party promoter. He is one of the most active Bison involved with Howard University outside the annual homecoming festivities.

“Just like me, he started at Howard throwing parties,” Crump said. “When he left, he worked his way up the food chain. Now he’s a multi-millionaire, one of the biggest hip-hop moguls known, and has impacted our generation…”

At 7:05 p.m., Crump noticed a tweet appear in his timeline from the @iamdiddy twitter account that read: “@XclusiveCrump Send Me your # Right Now And I’ll Call You ASAP….Be Careful What You Wish For LOL. #BISONLOVE.”

Without hesitation Crump tweeted Combs his number, and other Howard students followed his lead.

The excitement escalated from there. Many Howard students are still in shock that the entrepreneur they look up to took the time to respond not only to Crump’s tweets, but also to their tweets.

With more than 175 million registered users, Twitter gives artists, entertainers, CEOs and political leaders the opportunity to connect with their supporters.

“Brandon Crump’s story proves not only the strength of social networks, but also the strength of the #Bison network,” said Isaiah Adams, a recent Howard graduate.

Chris Caldwell, another alumnus, agrees.

“Howard is the only school where you find so much support no matter the endeavor,” Caldwell said.

Nearly two hours after Crump tweeted his phone number, he received a call from Combs’ assistant. The conversation was brief, and the assistant informed Crump that Combs would be getting in touch with him soon.

“Diddy is stalling Crump long enough to turn us all into his mini-promoters,” Will Worley tweeted. “Fair exchange. Let my boy kick it.”
Finally around 1 a.m., Combs personally called Crump, granting his wish.

“He made it a point to say that it wasn’t the fact that I asked to party with him, but rather how I asked,” Crump said.

According to Crump, Combs said: “You ask, and you shall receive. You were persistent, and you believed-not only that, but you got the entire Howard network to support you.”

Crump said that Combs also thanked him for supporting his new “Last Train to Paris” album. “It’s not like allowing me to party with him was saving the world, but he would do anything for HU.”

Combs ended the conversation by telling Crump: “Don’t be late, don’t get lost, dress fly and remember … what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.