GSU students go green for service learning

Students left their environmental footprint on the Grambling State University campus during the month of October. The Water Quality Management class, taught by Dr. Waneene C. Dorsey of the Biology Department, engaged in cleaning the grills of storm water drains around campus.Campus storm water drains are strategically located on the curbs of streets and on impervious areas such as parking lots to prevent flooding from heavy rainfall around campus. Storm water drains are important because, when it rains, pollutants from vehicles such as oil, antifreeze, gasoline, and other solvents are washed into the storm water drains.

When the drains are clogged with debris, water cannot drain properly. Therefore, flooding and pollution could potentially occur.

As a service learning activity, students removed various types of refuse from the grills of storm drains such as plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, paper, cups, and grass clippings.

Dr. Rory Bedford, director of Service Learning, said that this was a great service learning project for the water quality management students.

Dr. Dorsey and students have also performed water quality analysis on the City of Grambling Park pond for community service this academic semester.