An array of fashions for the classic

Bad things happen when one tries to “class up” hooker fashions. Another Bayou Classic has come and gone. We have enjoyed the football game as well as creative looks and trends. Although there was an abundance of beauty throughout the Crescent City, there were also many stylistic follies that could and should have been left at home. Wigs, weaves and lace fronts all came out to party for the Battle of the Bands/ Greek show. Not only did they show up, they showed out in living color. Neon blues, rustic reds and platinum blondes were on parade throughout the stadium as well as certain looks that were “minuscule” to say the least.

In the weave department, many were attractive and unnoticeable to the untrained eye. On the other hand, there were many that looked like they were shaved straight off of a yak’s behind.

Many girls wanted to look modelesque and couture; but, the footwear and skimpy clothing worn were quite opposite. Thigh high snake skin, suede and “leatherette” boots as well as fishnet and bad patterned lace stockings were donned by countless women in the Big Easy. The streets of Bourbon felt like an outdoor brothel. The pitter patter of heels and the wisp of air through the “barely there” skirts and shirts made many cringe at the sight of what certain girls thought was fabulous attire.

These girls didn’t get the memo that they were dressed like they were trying to work for Heidi Fleiss. Alas, the women weren’t the only ones who were stylistically challenged. Many men tried to bring 1800s California back as there was a definite gold rush in the mouths of many.

Lack of personal hygiene was also in effect as many smelled sour and stale as the breath in their mouths. Big, bad and beyond baggy jeans were still seen as well as brands like Fubu and Phat Farm. Fortunately there were many people who put together beautiful and charming garments.

Southern belles came and set their best foot forward as sensual lacy outfits, unique jewelry and lovely locks were worn. Dapper gentlemen with a purpose also impressed with suites, cardigans, complimentary jeans and fancy footwear. Smells of Versace, Burberry and other luxury perfumes and colognes entranced numerous people as the sweet and sensual smells kept us wanting more.

Thankfully, there were many people who also kept their children looking prim and proper instead of cheap and shabby. The weekend gave many of us new ideas and looks to fall in love with as well as emulate through our own personal style. In turn it also gave us an idea of what not to wear in public. The classic was truly classic and hopefully there will be more hits than tricks at next year’s Statefarm Bayou Classic.