Strong Tower lends hand to homeless

Fredrick Pinkney and Grambling’s Strong Tower Gospel Chorale made their presence known when they visited the Union Mission #2 Church in Shreveport, to aid in the Hope House Day Shelter coat and undergarment drive.Hope House Day Shelter put together an event to assist the homeless in their times of struggle.

With the colder weather getting close, the homeless are going to need something to keep them warm throughout the cool winter.

When asked why they put the event together, Edward Washington (Intake coordinator) said, “When I worked, we offered showers and laundry, but they would have to put on the same clothes. This would defeat the purpose.”

This is when Hope House took the initiative to put on a drive for the homeless.

As the event progressed, the program coordinator Janet Vinson expressed that the homeless presented her with questions that made think.

How many checks would you go without before you become homeless?

Vinson said, “I ask you the same question. How many checks would you go without before you become homeless?”

Strong Tower Gospel Chorale blessed the audience with two selections, and from the reactions, they were well received.

Then Strong Tower presented Union Mission #2 Church with a heap of T-shirts, underwear and socks.

Washington expressed his gratitude by thanking Strong Tower with a home-cooked meal that he said “will stick to your ribs.”

After the drive, Alex Smalls a Strong Tower member was asked what she thought about the event.

“It really opened my eyes. I never thought about the situation in the way that Hope House Shelter does,” she said.

Strong Tower’s strong community presence was greatly appreciated.

During the winter others can help Hope House with their mission of helping the homeless. Hope House provides showers, laundry serivce, phone, mail, personal hygiene and Case Management with licensed counselors.

For more information on Hope House Day Shelter, call (318)-220-7650.