Are you one of those people that have so many brilliant and vibrant ideas about fashion? I’m here to tell you now is the time to embrace those ideas and put them in motion, break away from the critics and people’s opinions on what they might think fashion is. Fashion is based on individual perception. Lady Gaga may think the way Kim Kardashian dresses is plain and simple; on the other hand Kim may think Lady Gaga style is too extreme. Disregard what everyone else is doing and “Do You”!!!. Some students as well as local entrepreneurs have done just that.

Instyle Fashion Boutique for women was established and managed by two Grambling Alumni women whose goal is to bring more to the shopping experience for the students as well as Grambling natives.

These two women goal is to get people out of the mind frame that you have to go far to shop, and is committed to bring everything you may need to Grambling. During these women’s matriculation at Grambling University they stated “we did not have anywhere to shop when we were students”.

Everything that these women do is “based on Faith, in that you are meant to learn from your mistakes”. Instyle Fashion Boutique is located in the plaza across the street from the Washington Johnson complex. The store is open from 10am to 6pm..

The quantity of each item purchased are about four to five “once it’s sold out, there is no more”. Take advantage of your resources and go check out Instyle Fashions Boutique.

Ladies, now I know most of you know where Elandas beauty salon is located, but for those who don’t it’s cattycorner from Gramblings Catholic Center. Elanda is not only known for whipping up some hair, but also her creative twist in stylish accessories.

Elanda Dunn had a vision and linked up with her business partner Candace Westbrook and started “So Jazzy Denim Designs”. Dunn says she was playing around one day being creative with her hands and a pair of jeans that Westbrook gave her and made a pair of denim earrings.

Dunn received many complements and decided to put her talents to work. Dunn brings the creative flare while Westbrook pushes Dunn as a partner to keep going and fulfills the business side of the table. Dunn and Westbrook target customers are clients at the beauty salon, students as well as anyone who is open to the art of being different.

“So Jazzy Denim Designs” include earrings, bracelets, hair bows, rings, etc. all of the accessories are made by hand. If you have any ideas or want to purchase creative accessories, go by Elanda’s hair salon and ask for Elanda Dunn or contact Candace Westbrook via Facebook.

Last but certainly not lest is something for the fellas as well as the ladies. A young and up and coming designer by the name of Reggie “Mike Larry” Robinson started is company “Fly Republic”. Fly is an acronym meaning Faith-Love-Yourself. Robinson started his company off a simple idea that grew into something bigger.

Robinson is an urban designer that has a philosophy that his clothing line is not just a new direction of dressing but a lifestyle. To check out “Fly Republic Clothing” go to The Fly Republic Facebook page.

Prior to writing this article I was skeptical to start writing for the Gramblinite thinking about others opinions and comments people will make. Once I sat back and thought to myself and said “SELF” you are capable of doing whatever you have a passion or dream of doing. Being a Fashion Stylist is my passion.

In order to become more knowledgeable and get a step closer to that goal I left Grambling for a year and attended one of the top fashion schools in the world “FIDM” (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), and in doing so it has open many doors for me.

So I am telling you this to say “Do you and do not worry about the critics. Get out of the box. CONQUER YOUR SHYNESS AND EMBRACE YOUR FLYNESS”!!!!

If you have any questions or comments email HYPERLINK “mailto:fashionista_kcarter@yahoo.com”fashionista_kcarter@yahoo.com