A free Lil’ Wayne back in studio

Mr. Carter is back and has already made his declaration of freedom. After serving eight months of his one-year sentencing, rapper Lil’ Wayne was released recently from Rikers Island jail in New York City.The “Mrs. Officer” rapper took time to sign onto his Twitter account to let his fans know that he is “alive and doing well.”

Lil’ Wayne also tweeted “aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmm baaaaaccckkkkk.”

Initial reports claim that he would have spent another day due to “miscalculated” time.

He was arrested in 2007 after his performance at New York City Beacon Theatre. Police pulled Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus over as marijuana emanated from the vehicle.

During the inspection of the bus, NYPD then discovered drugs and a gun registered in his manager’s name that was right beside him.

The laws of New York state that anyone without proper registration of an operating firearm should be charged with a punishable offense.

Many wonder why he only served eight months instead of a year and a day. When Lil’ Wayne entered prison in early March of this year, he was expected to serve one year and a day, but due to good behavior, his time was decreased.

During his time in jail, Wayne had a successful year, releasing the No. 1 album “I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING” in October.

According to Forbes Magazine, the veteran rapper recorded versus over the phone and earned more than he did in 2009. That’s also why he was placed in solitaire confinement for possession of an mp3 player and headphones back in May.

Many of Wayne’s associates have expressed their excitement for the release. Such as his mentor, Cash Money Records CEO, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, tweeted “@birdman5star..#weezyfbaby back!!!! #priceless.”

Lil’ Wayne appeared to have his first comments about his freedom, when he celebrated his release on Sunday night at a strip club in Miami, FL.

As Wayne strolled onto the red carpet, dressed in all black, he couldn’t find the words to explain how he really felt of finally being free from Rikers Island.

“Its unexplainable, and I’m good with words. I can’t explain it,” according to MTV News.
When he was quizzed by MTV’s own Sway, about his time behind bars, Wayne than replied: “I forgot about yesterday.”

He is now currently preparing to hit the studio to work on material for his upcoming album that everybody’s waiting for, The Carter IV.