True love has no boundaries

The common misconception is, “Most men don’t want to love.” In actuality, if a woman who exceeded all the qualities that a specific man looked for was anywhere in the vicinity, a man do would do any and everything in his power to let that lucky woman know how he genuinely felt. Whether the woman chooses to accept the genuine feelings from the depth of his soul and pursue something further or call him “thirsty” is all on her. However, if she is all that a man could ask for in a woman and he honestly thinks that woman is right for him at that point in his life, he wouldn’t hesitate to give that woman his all because he know the LOVE would be reciprocated.

“Most men don’t want to

Understand there is no specific timetable for the aforementioned scenario, but trying to rush people into unwanted situations will never have a positive result. If the only time a man tells you, “I LOVE YOU” is when he is on top of you, he’s probably lying. Sex shouldn’t have any measure on how much love you somebody.

The most uncomfortable feeling to a man is being pressured into liking somebody. You should never have to buy somebody material possessions to try and persuade them into liking you. However, that person who is receiving the material gift shouldn’t like that person solely on that alone neither.

Everyone should have set standards and qualities that any potential “candidate” must meet if they desire your presence. If they don’t satisfy you, you should never hold on because of the benefits because that only makes matter worse.

Another problem couples our age face is not recognizing the difference between love and lust, according to Semaj White. “Some people don’t know how to love. If you can’t commit to loving God in action, you will never truly find love,” the graduate student from Los Angeles stated.

Another thing White expressed was women must have self-respect. “If a woman wants a man to love her, she must show him that she loves herself first,” White added.

What women need to understand is not all men are dogs. Some men do want to love. There are men out there who want somebody that they could hold on rainy nights and not have sex.

Some men want to wake up and surprise that lucky woman with breakfast in bed. Some men want to give their heart to somebody, as long as it’s not taken for granted. Most men DO want to love, it just has to be with the right woman.