Mayor-elect sets priorities

Grambling Mayor-elect Edward Jones is closing a chapter of 34 years of teaching to open a new one to help make the city of Grambling a better place. Of the seven candidates in the mayoral race, the citizens of Grambling as well as Grambling State University elected Jones to help bring life back to the city.

“It starts with the village or downtown Grambling, property owners, supplying the needs of the city and extending an invitation to fellow Rustonians,” said Jones.

Jones added that adding a grocery store and dry cleaners will help the city.

Being a product of Grambling and Grambling State University Jones understands the issues of the city, knows the potential and wants to help and connect with the students of GSU.

Jones said that he plans to communicate with University President Dr. Frank Pogue, the university president, on issues such as upgrading the water system around campus and services around the city.

Jones’ plan also includes creating contracts with the garbage department and working with the police department of Grambling.

One of the biggest plans is working with The Gramblinite to keep the citizens and students of Grambling informed about city hall and the welfare of the city.

One of the biggest challenges Jones talked about was the location of funds in which to help transform the city, and turning the financial dreams into a reality.

Jones said that he would like to work to create more internships, and opportunities for students matriculating in all majors.

Jones said that he would like to thank the students, faculty and most of all citizens and family of Grambling for trusting him with being a representative of the city.