It’s all about Homecoming

“The Traveling Tigers give all us alumni from out of state a chance to reunite with each other, and to generally come back to our alma mater cheaper with a group of our friends and family.”Willie Jones, 55,
of Chicago, Class of 1968 and member of the
Traveling Tigers

“I come almost every year. It’s a good event to bring my kids too. We socialize and enjoy the bands and dancers.”

Marylin Moore, 40,
of Monroe

“I feel like I’m helping make history at GSU while marching with the World Famed Marching Band.”

Tyrus Carter, 20,
of El Dorado, Ark.,
GSU sophomore

“I love it. Any time you come back home, it’s sure to be a good time.”

Cynthia Carter of Atlanta, GSU Class of 1962

“My favorite part was the high school bands performing during the fifth quarter. Lancaster High school from Dallas really put on a good show.”

Deasirae Woodard, 20, of
Houston, GSU sophomore

“I tailgate, and hook up with old friends, and enjoy the festivities.”

Jessie Adams, age “still young,” of Houston,
GSU Class of 1982

On the parade: “You get to different bands perform from some of everywhere. We always see the Tiger Marching Band, but it’s good to see other high school bands.”

Michael James, 20,
of Bastrop, GSU student

“I enjoyed the atmosphere the day of the Homecoming game. Everyone was happy to be reunited!”

Regina Myles, GSU
Class of 2008

On her first Homecoming experience: “I enjoyed it. All the activities were cool. I look forward to next year.”

Alexia Calton, 18,
of Dallas, GSU freshman