Interracial love is OK, but I want to make a family with a Black woman

Love is a subject that can be analyzed from a lot of different angles. Some people love too hard. Some people love too soft. Some people love too fast. Some people don’t love fast enough. For every person, love is different and it means different things to them.

Until this point, I have been exposed to a lot of interracial couples, whether it is someone I know personally or just seeing someone when I go out.

Interracial couples are a very touchy subject in the black community.

I have heard Black women express how they don’t like seeing Black men with Caucasian women and vice versa. To a certain degree, I feel the same way.

It has nothing to do with the color of the two lovers with me; but, it’s about the different social elements that may arise from this relationship.

I feel that a Caucasian person cannot relate to the struggles and everyday prejudice that most Black people encounter.

From simple things like people locking doors when a Black male comes close to their vehicle to large things such as being treated different just because of their skin tone.

Interracial relationships may clash when these subjects arise.

A Black couple will be able to relate to one another in this aspect of life. Rhis is even more important once a child comes into the picture.

Black parents raising a Black child can let the child know what to look out for when they leave out the house.

A set of Black parents can tell a Black child how to handle themselves in certain situations to safely get out of them.

An interracial couple may bump heads often about how to raise their child, what beliefs and morals to have along with how the world perceives them.

I agree with the fact of loving whoever you feel is best for you, but personally, I would prefer my wife to be a strong Black woman.

I know that Black women have a reputation of being a handful to deal with and they are not easily pleased, but I feel that when a good strong Black couple is united they are stronger than anything in this world.

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to say that interracial couples are wrong, because that’s not the case. I just want it to be understood that I love Black women, flaws and all.

So as for me, personally, dating or marrying a Caucasian woman, I couldn’t do it just for the simple fact that I want to raise up a child in a household that can inform the child about how it feels to be a Black person in a world that seems to treat the Black community as outcasts.

I do not want to raise my child in fear of the world, but instead educate my child on some of the things he might run into as he/she grows up.

Black men and women need to stay together and help raise future generations into strong Black people so that we can continuously progress as a people.