Grambling grad showcases third book

I Release Myself from your Box is the title of Grambling alum Adaryll Moore’s first book. Moore, a New Jersey native, describes ‘the box’ as a psychological box that society tends to puts us in.”Growing up sexually confused can be hard with the added verbal abuse and pressure that comes from your peers,” Moore said.

His intentions on writing his books were to inform people on how the broken violation of growth can destroy someone’s childhood.
Being a victim of forms of abuse, Moore’s first book is his self-told story. With an upcoming fictional four part series titled In the End I Choose to Win, many events are taken from actual occurrences in his life.

“I wanted people to be free from molestation and mental bondage,” Moore stated.

His hopes from the series is that people would read his stories and have some assurance that they are not alone. During Moore’s book reading held on campus on Oct. 28, he mentions how being verbally abuse by his mother caused him to develop a hatred for women,leaving him to gain an attraction for men. After his neighbors sexually abused him while living in New Jersey as a young boy confirmed that attraction.

Moore describes how coming to face with near death experiences proved to him that all his answers were in God and after being alive still; he knew he had a purpose. This lead him to his second book titled Highway of the Authenticity, which is about having self worth.

Adaryll stated how he was bullied for being studious and hard working in school. In his speaking, he emphasis the importance of the prevention of bulling and the long-term effect it has on individuals. Adaryll attended Grambling from 1994 to 1998, while enrolled he majored in Education. His dream was to become a teacher and to educate and give back the knowledge he gain in school. Moore’s experience at Grambling allowed him to become the strong and devoted individual he is today.

Adaryll proceeds to educate through his books and public speaking on self worth. Moore recently moved back to Louisiana where he teaches for Claiborne parish and is the CEO of his own company.

All of his books are available in the Grambling State bookstore and are being donated to the campus library on Nov.15.