Zetas proud to achieve and be known for more than just good looks

Fat, Black and ugly I am not; but, I am a Zeta. Over the years, the perception of Zeta changed; but, those three attributes have not.

Even though there are members who are the opposite, the fight to end the stereotypes continues. Chapters like Psi Beta exemplify the true image of what it means to be a Zeta.
We are a diverse group of ladies. There is no set of certain types to classify our members.

Members of the Psi Beta chapter alone have sorors from all over the world.

Psi Beta has placed first in the Mighty Southern region for the highest G.P.A.
The media made the public believe that dumb and pretty are more escapable norms.

Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with being smart. Scholarship is one of our founding principles and is very important to the undergraduate members.

If an individual is not fit academically, then she cannot be of use to the sorority.

Zetas have been known as the ladies who “do too much” or are “overachievers.”

I am happy to accept that as a true perception of us. Having homework, step practice, and helping make a sorority are great tasks within themselves. Zetas owe service not to just to the community but to each other.

Our showmanship is not only our reflection, but also a reflection of our ideals.
Uplifting and providing support to our sisters in her time of need is a priority.

Small numbers create an atmosphere of sisterhood and love. With small numbers comes the small numbers in our step team.
So what is a Zeta? Zeta is a sorority that exemplifies Quality and Quantity. Running the yard is not on our to do list. We believe in striving and achieving bigger and better goals serving our fellow constituents and community.

We support and donate to foundations such as March of Dimes and Lupus Foundation. Our Storknest program is geared toward helping pregnant mothers.

This misunderstanding of a Zeta has not deterred me away but has shown me that a pretty face can only take you so far.

Since the arrival of the Psi Beta chapter May, 7 1952 on Grambling’s campus we have upheld service, sisterly love, scholarship and finer womanhood. This is what my sorors and I exemplify.

Think twice before making an assumption about any of the Pan-Helleinc Greek organization members, because you do not know what it takes to be a member.