We are not pretty and mean pink and green

They are prissy, unfriendly, light-skinned, have long hair, are rich, pretty, and most of all, they are stuck up! Over the years, all of these adjectives became associated with what an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman really is, and I would not be telling the truth if I did not say that some of my sorority sisters are very becoming of these characteristics, both good and bad.

Every woman in my sorority is not the same internally or externally. What I like most is the diversity in my sisters.

We have broken the barriers a long time ago of such misconceptions. I just wish the world would notice it as well.

We are different inside and out and bring different elements to the organization. Some of the time, before I even open my mouth, “stuck up” is already called upon me.

I do not let it discourage me though, and I have learned to embrace the positive image of an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.

I also try to uphold the reasons and standards of why I chose this sorority above any other. People tend to forget that Greeks are people, too. We are not perfect in any way.

I feel the burden to ALWAYS watch what I say or do because there is always someone watching me or looking up to me because they aspire to be who I am.

If you are not Greek, you do not know what it feels like to be one.

Another topic I want to address is the fact that people change once they join a Greek-lettered organization.

I can say I have changed. The greatest change I have encountered is maturity. Not only have I seen it in myself, I have seen it in others who have chosen to “go Greek.”

I have to say some do change for the worse.

Now that they have gone Greek, they are unstoppable, Mr. Cool or Miss Popularity.

I get upset because those types of changes may give the whole sorority or fraternity a bad vibe. Then, it brings us back to the topic at hand, misconceptions.

One misconception I wish I could put away forever is the Delta versus AKA beef.

I was at an organizational fair on my campus and incoming freshmen girls asked my sorority sisters and me, “What is the difference between an AKA and a Delta . I know y’all don’t like each other.”
I was shocked because I have friends who are Deltas.

As Greeks, we need to work hard to reverse these misconceptions. I want people to understand that Greeks do more than just strut, stroll and hop.

There is hard work that goes into any event that Alpha Kappa Alpha holds. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a non-profit organization that is run like a business. There is a fine line between sisterhood and business.

It is hard not to mix the two at times, but they are completely separate.

I take the good with the bad, and I would never give up my letters for anything in the world because I truly love my A-K-A!

I just wish people would judge people separately instead of collectively when it comes to Greek life.