Sigmas cannot be defined as much as people try

What is a Sigma man? Often, people associate certain attributes to identify with particular Greek organizations on campus.
They may say you look like you should be an “insert fraternity here” because you dress preppy. They believe personal and physical qualities are defining features of these organizations.

As a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., I have not been an exception to stereotypes.

The two most common stereotypes that people associate with men of Sigma are that we are country and dark skinned.

I think that those are outlandish statements and that these stereotypes are put in place by people searching for reasons to join organizations.

People today are afraid of individuality and instead of searching to discover themselves, they search for groups of people to blend in with to define who they are.

Phi Beta Sigma is a fraternity that is all about providing service to the community.
You do not have to be dark-skinned or country in any manner to be a member of the organization.

The reason I joined Phi Beta Sigma was not because they were dark-skinned men like myself.

Neither was it because I have a Southern Louisiana dialect.

I became a member of Phi Beta Sigma because I believed I could make the fraternity look good on campus and in the world.

I planned to use my intense personality, intelligence, and popularity. I believed that by becoming Greek the organization I joined would become outstanding by default.

The lesson to learn is to be yourself. You should perfect who you are and become the best individual possible and once you are, like people will automatically be attracted to your warming personality.