Sigma Gamma Rhos are rooted in education, focused on authenticity

Sigma Gamma Rho: smart, fat, ugly and insecure. These are just a few stereotypes or labels that have been branded to this Divine Nine sorority over the years.

People are quick to emphasize the negatives of others to make themselves or their organizations seem better; but, they are really just showing how insecure hey are.Let’s examine why outsiders have pinned Sigma Gamma Rho with so many negative labels.
Sigma Gamma Rho was founded on scholarship; so, the smart label is easily understood.

On most campuses around the nation Sigma Gamma Rho has the highest GPA expectations that are indeed being met, yet, this oddly drives people away.

Why wouldn’t you want to excel in college and show your peers the potential you possess?

Being smart is not a liability, but an asset that you must possess to make it through college and life.

Seven schoolteachers who had a passion for education founded Sigma Gamma Rho, so scholarship was naturally required for membership.

Greek organizations were founded on scholarship, so why aren’t we all known as the smart men and women on our campuses?
We are college students first and enhancing our knowledge should be a number one priority.

Fat, ugly and insecure? Just as we are known nationally for being the smart girls of the Divine Nine, we are also stereotyped as the “heavyset sorority.”

But why, you ask? To simply answer this question, Sigma Gamma Rho does not discriminate by appearance.

We accept women of all shapes and sizes from the “skinny minis” to the “brick houses.”

If you qualify and are passionate about joining, we will not turn you away. Who are we as humans to define what’s beautiful?
The creator does not make mistakes and to discriminate by levels of beauty or shades of color is wrong and immoral.

In a world full of fakeness and almost impossible physical expectations, someone must remain real and sincere: Sigma Gamma Rho takes up the slack.

“They never bring through many members, they must not be popular, I want to have 99 line sisters.”

Sadly, popularity of any organization draws people. Other positive aspects such as community service, scholarship, sisterhood, and progression of one’s life, have little effect on prospective members.

Sigma Gamma Rho believes in quality over quantity. It’s proven through the membership on campuses nationwide.

It’s almost unheard of to have a 100 plus membership intake at one time. This is also where sisterhood comes to play.

The bond between sisters must be honest and close not forced and faked. Smaller membership ensures this sacred bond.

All in all, every organization has its negatives and positives. It’s up to the members to prove outsiders wrong.
Yes, Sigma Gamma Rho are the smart girls. We bring in few members and we may not look up to your physical expectations of sorority girls.

But, we have strong values, we are willing to learn, teach, grow, and ultimately bring truth to our motto: Greater Service, Greater Progress.