Omegas: “owt” to better society

Greek sororities and fraternities will be forever stereotyped. It has been permitted by not only the student but also by the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

It seems as if Non-Greek members know better than I do how an Omega man is supposed to act.

The misperception about how we are supposed to talk, walk, act, or even dress of any organization is funny; but, these stereotypes are how students differentiate and categorized us.

There are numerous fables and stereotypes when it comes to the Gamma Gamma chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

The common misperception is that all Omegas are good for is throwing parties.

It is said that a Gamma Gamma party should never be missed because we throw some of the best parties around town.

Is this all student see? The parties, and strolling throughout the night?

The people don’t understand we believe in the betterment of our community.

Our founding principle is to uplift ourselves and our fellow students and community. Gamma Gamma holds seminars such as Keeping It 100, Cater to Women and Talent Hunt. Do they see the good side of us?

The side they always seem to see is what the students call the “nasty side.” What is that? We are human and do not know how to be anything else.

My favorite is the stereotype is that Omegas do not graduate. They say that we get the grades to make membership, but we never seem to make it across the stage.

We promote scholarship. We try to live by it. If a member is to fall behind GPA requirements, then he cannot participate in any on campus functions.

Our main focus is to become educated, receive a degree and move on to help the betterment of others. Why do people fear us?

Omegas are not mean and we do not always fight. It seems that when a large amount of students are around, things go wrong.

It’s in our nature to be respectable men. Our dominant characteristics and fundamentals help us become better men and take charge and be outspoken.

A couple of well-known stereotypes about Omegas include us being rude and out of order to the public. The rumor mill says that we are mannish, blunt and say what is on our minds.

The lack of knowledge of Omega Psi Phi is overlooked!

The rich history of our fraternity and chapter continue.

This year our chapter celebrates our 60th anniversary of being on Grambling State University’s campus.

Next year Omega Psi Phi will commemorate 100 years. The Gamma Gamma Omegas have won countless awards at plenty of district meetings.

We have won chapter of the year, scrapbook of the year, and have and had countless chapter brothers in high positions of Omega.

Hopefully next time you see an Omega man, you will not judge a book by its cover.