Misperception of Kappas: Look deeply into the men

How can one define a Kappa? Is he defined by the amount of shimmying he does, how well he twirls his cane and how low he can get while in the strut line? Or is it the way he wears his bow tie and how he carries himself so smoothly? Or is it all of the above?

A Kappa man is perceived to be so much, yet so stereotypical on most of today’s campuses. A man with a Polo hat, Polo shirt tucked in and hard bottom shoes on a daily basis must be a Kappa, right?

Wrong. With so many Kappa men worldwide, and the Gamma Psi Chapter here at Grambling State University, how can you generalize so many? Gamma Psi alone brings you Nupes from dark skinned to light skinned, big to small.

So I ask you how can one define a Kappa?

When determining who runs “the yard,” we as students need to realize what we take into consideration. The amount of parties thrown or how much paraphernalia we wear is good, but it should not be the denominator that sets you apart.

While representing an organization, the letters you wear on your chest, should not be limited to a social network. The name we uphold should mean something in every exchange of communication.

Why should we stifle ourselves? Have we gotten comfortable? This is where we place the blame on both sides. As Greeks, what we provide campus is what is expected of us. At the same time, as students, we must critique.

We cannot allow ourselves to settle for normalcy. Social events cannot continue to flood campus without an equal amount of community events and seminars at the same time. Attendance at these events is key to the further success.

Supply will rise with an equal amount of demand. Events cannot be pushed without the support of the student body.

So again I ask how can one define a Kappa?

Achievement in every field of human endeavor deems the fundamental purpose. What is seen in the public eye only scratches the surface of how one can define a Kappa.

A Kappa man is driven by God, family, school and the service to his fraternity. All Black Greek organizations find their foundation through God.

Trials and tribulations, experiences good and bad causes family to be carried beyond blood. Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle chose to put an NFL career on hold to study abroad at Oxford University in England.

It is perceived that being a Kappa is only skin deep, in that lies the misconception. The pretty boy image has become a crutch and a mask of what a true Kappa really represents. A look deeper into not only the Nupes on your campus, but also as a fraternity, will show that you honestly cannot define a Kappa.