Iotas definitely here to stay and expect their due props

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. has been the underdog numerous times on this campus.
Here you have to work on your steps, strolls, chants, and swag like 100 percent.

On campus we get over looked every time, way too much and it kinda looks bad. We have been doing things on campus for some time that not only exceed expectations, but also exceed the necessary quotas.

We have the most community services hours per semester, reaching close to 900.

We have the highest overall GPA in the school, as well as the region.

We contribute not only to our campus but to fellow Northern Colleges as well. We participated in countless seminars, hosted seminars, and made sure that our footprint was left untouched, so all may see how the Brothers of the Charcoal Brown and Guilded Gold make things happen.

This week again and again we have been left out. We show exemplary skills and make sure we are above our game, yet DJs do not shout us out even though they know we are in the Divine Nine.

What is it about us that you do not like? Do we not represent just as hard or even harder? We want to know why we do not receive much “praise” unlike other Greeks.

Just because we are the youngest, the babies, the underdogs of the Divine Nine does not mean we should get skipped over like a crack in the road.

We deserve as much respect just like any of the other Greek brothers and sisters.

I am not complaining; but, hear us loud and clear: Iota Phi Theta, we are here.

We will keep surpassing any and all in our path of greatness. This is our year.

This Saturday at 8pm, when they call us to the stage, we will not stand for second best. Iota Phi Theta will come out on top and mark that stage with our steps, and our craft. Building Traditions, Never Resting Upon One.