Deltas are driven women of dedication

Snotty, blunt, loud, cutthroat, outspoken, belligerent, dark-skinned: these are just a few of the stereotypes associated with the women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. These are stereotypes given to us by outsiders, by people who have no respect for our sorority and don’t know what we stand for. Let me educate you.

A Delta is first, a woman of God. She is admired for her drive and ambition. She faces obstacles with poise and grace.
We are trailblazing women: leaders, entrepreneurs. We are innovators, motivators, women of variety.

The bonds of Delta cannot be broken. We uplift one another, depend on one another, support one another, and stand by one another.

We are women of distinction; devoted, delightful, and dedicated.
We carry ourselves proud yet humble because we know what hard work is.

We have experienced fight firsthand. We have lived a life of sacrifice, and we know what it takes to succeed.

We are proud to follow the examples put before us and accept the challenges set before us.

A woman of Delta is a woman of strength. We are women who look deep inside to keep our souls in shape.

We are women who show courage in the midst of fear, women who realize life’s mistakes can be blessings and capitalize on them.

We are women of grace, and women who have faith. In our journey our bonds will become even stronger.

Because we are Delta women, we are able to survive in an environment deemed as dysfunctional, broken, underprivileged, and disenfranchised, all the while uplifting members of our community.

We exemplify perseverance. We educate others on how to initiate change, instead of waiting for it. We are strong Black women with an everlasting bond and a loving sisterhood.

A Delta woman is never discouraged. She is relentless, solid, and strong. We leave legacies behind for the future of our sorority, for the future of our community.
We dedicate ourselves to achieve our goals and work with what we have so that we can accomplish more.

We are women who are capable of putting trivial things aside, women of individuality, leaders of integrity: phenomenal women.

We think highly of ourselves, as well as sisters, we give back to our communities through service and commitment. We are dedicated and hardworking women. We set the tone for others to follow.

We are beautiful, confident, charismatic, dependable, intelligent, loving, nurturing and triumphant.

These are the words I use to describe my sisters. So the next time you see a Delta, know that he is a woman full of pride, strength, and ambition.

Remember that she is a woman who will fight for what she believes, stand up for what is right, and represent success.

A Delta woman is what every woman should want to be.