Circle K participates in conference

Six members of the Grambling State University Circle K International club participated in a regional leadership training workshop held at the Rocky Greek Nazarene Camp in Pineville from Oct. 22-24. The T.I.O.G.A workshop – Together in Organizational Growth and Achievement operated under the theme “A Blast From the Past.”

The local Circle K chapter met with 12 other groups from the district, which comprise Louisiana, Mississippi and part of Tennessee to discuss issues pertaining to Circle K, the junior arm of Kiwanis International.

The organization seeks to be the leading global community-service organization on college and university campuses.

Like its parent organization, Circle K is built on leadership and during the two-day training seminar the 40 plus participants examine service projects, selected international leaders, and discussed the organization’s bylaws.

The groups also focused on the annual combined Circle K community project ahead of the grand international convention for 22-26 June 2011, Virginia Beach.

Secretary Ammie Jarvis, said, “It helped me to better understand my role as secretary for the organization and further deepen the bond with the other executive board members.”

Meanwhile, GSU Circle K president said the leadership training workshop “helped me to develop my team building skills and served as a re-energizing source for the tasks at hand.”

Stevens added that, “I believe the knowledge gained will help in executing my duties with a sense of professionalism and effectiveness that will meet the expected standard of our international organization.”

Remaining true to its theme of “Live to Serve, Love to Serve,” the participants made four large plastic blankets for homeless people. The blankets made of insulated plastic bags were woven together to create comfort and shelter from the cold.

The local Circle K group not only returned reenergized, but also cuffed two prizes:

Miss TIOGA was bestowed on Ammie Jarvis, while the group was voted at the Most Spirited group.

Meetings are held every Tuesday in room 243 of the Favrot Student Union building at noon.

For further information please e-mail gramblingcki@gmail.com