Booed, rude and cussed out

The Favrot Student Union Board presented the annual homecoming comedy show in the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center tonight.The headlining comic was Charlie Murphy, best known for successful skits on the Dave Chappelle show.

The show opened with JJ, the host of the night. His country accent, jokes about elementary school and makeshift vasectomy quips kept the crowd engaged.

He was followed by Freez Luv a performer who celebrated stretch marks, obesity and “being a man.”

Then the crowd gave a standing ovation in anticipation of Murphy’s routine.

As he took the stage, Murphy asked the audience to get the references to his previous works out of their system before he began his set.

The crowd response? “Chaaaaalie Murphy!”
His best-received joke compared pollen to vegetable sperm.

“Y’all just be takin’ it to the face,” he said.

After the sperm references went dry, he told stories about acid usage and taking his daughter to see Alice in Wonderland.

As he delved into trippy terrain, the audience tripped out on him. Stray boos echoed.

“You suck,” someone shouted.
Murphy hesitated and asked how the Grambling crowd did not find him funny.

“I made (people) who barely speak English laugh,” he declared.

He said that he traveled the world and amused people.

After the boos continued, he requested his check.

After the check was handed to him, he dropped it and the microphone on the floor and said, “F*** you.”

Student representatives closely linked with the show said that his business partner retrieved the check before Murphy and the man left.

The comedy show then evolved into a Greek and Non-Greek stroll-off.

Update: Today Charlie Murphy tweeted that he returned the school’s $22,000 and also implied that G.S.U. is a “chitlin circuit.”

Favrot Student Union Board President Metria McCall confirmed that tonight’s talent show will be free because of the comedy show’s unfortunate conclusion.

The talent show will begin at 8 p.m. in the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center.