Alumnus Logan sets standard in mentoring athletes

“Setting the Standard” are the words of alumnus Brandon Logan. Logan, who hails from the Lone Star state of Texas, is a 2006 graduate of Grambling State University and since crossing the stage has been avid in mentoring aspiring student athletes and creating a name for himself.

While at Grambling, Logan recalls spending mornings on the field performing drills and come the afternoon keeping his head in the books maintaining a 3.6 grade-point average through his matriculation in the field of business management.

While most athletes were busy molding their craft on the field, Brandon knew he had to focus and prepare himself, in the event if he didn’t gain access into the NFL.

Through his time management and study habits he was awarded numerous academic awards. From Dean’s to President’s list, it afforded him the invitation to join the prestigious Earl Lester’s Honors College.

He also became a member of the Gamma Gamma chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, where he received the title of Louisiana scholar of the year. Logan says, ” Time management is the key.”

He says that his upbringing contributed to success while in college and out of college. Therefore allowing him to set the foundation to be a prominent member of society. He was also involved in numerous organizations such as the FSUB Union Board, NAACP, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Logan has always put God first in every decision in his future. While in college he knew that time management is very important.
After school, he decided to step out on faith and open up his own insurance agency “Brandon Logan Insurance Agency” specializing and providing supplemental insurance products to other business throughout other states.

Logan has also been very influential in mentoring, to those younger than him not only in his collegiate career but also in his everyday activities.

Taking the time to help twelve high school scholars realize the importance of not just being active in sports but also helping athletes establish a solid balance between academics and athletics. One of his main objectives is to make sure that student are primarily prepared for the road that is presented after college.

From day to day, Logan can be found either at his office, or volunteering with the Rotary Club of San Antonio, which has over 700 members of which he, sits on the board of numerous committees. The chapter has also been awarded the title of second largest organization club in the world. Brandon can also be seen modeling, motivational speaking and helping through out his community.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God,” he says.

Logan is currently in transition of receiving his master’s in sports management. He plans to finish the rest of the program in the near future.