Yeezy keeps it creative and relevant with new short film

“Brilliance, creative art and expensive” all come to mind when viewing Kanye West’s short film.

“Runaway” tells of a story about a phoenix (Selita Ebanks) fallen to earth.
The 35-year-old rapper makes her his girlfriend, despite others discriminating against her. She eventually has to burn herself alive and goes back to her world.

Publications such as the UK newspaper, The Guardian, says the short film is “ridiculous, ostentatious and egotistical.”
But adds, “That’s what West is here for.

“If he wants to show off his love of Matisse-style visuals, Jacko and Bon Iver, then what’s the harm?”

To say the video is 35 minutes long, it still wasn’t enough to shoot the short film.
The video also had more time to squeeze in a ballet scene, a couple of explosions (that probably cost thousands), pot shots at media and vain artists, and some slow motion camera work.

The video also included several new songs that were leaked from West’s G.O.O.D Friday series of mp3 releases.

Forbes reviewer notes say that the short film metaphorically talks back to the media and everyone that wanted to have a voice post-Taylor Swift incident.

In the dinner scene of “Runaway,” West mentions the conversation.

He then turns his back on it, and celebrates himself and his phoenix.

Keeping up with an artist who has so many ideas, creative thoughts and dwells in many levels of anxiety and awareness, can be one of the many reasons why West’s efforts can be very disagreeable.

With his demanding lots of our time, he made it clear that he wants to make a big artistic statement with “Runaway.”

Some may look at this film as art; others see it as some type of vanity project.
It doesn’t matter what the video contains, the music is overpowering.

He has an interesting eye for creativity and brilliance and doesn’t care how much money it takes to create a project, such as this film.

This is not something I would have come up with if I were an artist of such caliber like Kanye West.

Releasing this short film internationally makes him seem unbreakable and invincible.
Many can’t wait to listen to his fourth upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which the film sets the tone for.

But at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, he brings attention to his creativity whether the audience likes it or not.

After this film of art, he is a man on a mission of newer heights.