Tweetspeak commentary

It seems like a lot of people aren’t really into football anymore #WONDERWHY?

Well since the majority of the students here at Grambling State are Saints fans and the Saints are back to being the usual regular sorry football team that they have been for years, the fans have nothing to look forward to.I’m glad all the overrated hype is over with. Last year the Saints had a remarkable season going on. They had an amazing winning streak with winning 12 games in a row before their first loss. This season is not what they expected. They’ve already tied their total losses in the 2009 NFL season and still have nine games left. #MANTHATSUCKS.

It’s not like the Saints lost difficult games. They are just sorry #REALTALK. The games against the Cleveland Browns defined everything. The Browns came to the Superdome and made the Saints look more like the Aints. 30 -17 The Saints #GOTTODOBETTER.

Drew Brees had four INTs in that game. He did not look like the Drew Brees from last year. Last season he was killing around this time of year. This season he is playing like Brett Favre and that’s not a compliment #SORRY. Last year he finished the season with 11 interceptions. This year he is at 10 already. The Saints had kicking problems and as soon as they fixed that problem Drew Brees started tripping #THATSCRAZY.

Brees is still optimistic about the team. He still thinks they got what it takes to win, but let’s face reality. Playoffs, maybe but Super Bowl, no way. They’ve lost to a number of mediocre teams, but this Cleveland Browns lost made it official.

The Saints weren’t supposed to win the Super Bowl anyway. They were good but I don’t think they were good enough to beat the Colts. Peyton Manning had no choice but to let the Saints win last year, he had to. All the pressure he was facing with being from New Orleans and his dad playing for the Saints. They never won anything and with the city getting hit by Hurricane Katrina the Who Dat nation had nothing else to look forward to but the Saints winning the Super Bowl.

Last year, Peyton did his charity work for the city of New Orleans by giving them a Super Bowl victory. Now, the Saints have not been producing. But look on the bright side, the NBA season just started #GOHORNETS.