Our love knows no distance

“You trust him enough to have a long distance relationship?” If I had a penny for every time I heard this question, I wouldn’t be complaining about the increase in tuition. I’ve been with my first (and only) boyfriend for three years and counting. When a male Gramblinite approaches me, he soon finds out that his chances with me are slim to none.

People tend to question my actions when it comes to my relationship. No, I’m not the type to end my relationship just because I came to college. No, I’m not going to cheat on him just because you (someone who does not know him) asks, “You don’t think he’s doing him?” If I listened to what everybody at Grambling State University said about my relationship, it would have ended two and a half years ago.

When I first came to GSU, my father constantly told me to “not be tied down” and “have fun.” One common assumption is that people in relationships don’t have fun. I’m not in a relationship where we keep each other from doing things that entertain us.
I’m not a submissive person. I wouldn’t be in a relationship that prevented me from doing things that I truly wanted to do.
If you’re going to have a long distance relationship, there must be a strong leg to stand on. Before I came to campus, I had already invested seven strong months into the relationship.

I’ve always heard that, being so young, I should see what’s out there. Why would I want to do that when I’m very happy where I am? I’m not looking for a husband at the moment nor will I be for a while. My college experience is not focused on finding the person I will be with for the rest of my life.

At the risk of sounding mushy, I love when people ask if I’m still with my boyfriend. Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been in a relationship since pre-Grambling days.

Just the thought of being in a relationship for so long warms my heart because college relationships don’t usually last as long.
Love is a beautiful thing. I’ve always heard, “you’re too young to be in love.”

Think what you want to think but the people I’m hearing it from are people who are single. In this generation, it’s hard to find someone truly worth loving. Long distance isn’t for everybody but the love is always stronger when you’re physically with the person.

Being in a long distance relationship, you receive some type of bond that may not have been possible if you’re always together.

While it is easier to leave for a more physical relationship, once you’ve invested a lot of time it’s not what you want to do. You may also learn more things about your partner that you may not have learned if you were in a traditional relationship. Constantly growing is key.

The distance is surprisingly a good thing. With the distance, you’re less likely to become tired of the other person. I love waiting to see him during breaks. While the process may seem long and drawn out, it’s all worth it in the end.

By getting through a long distance relationship, I feel like we can get through whatever comes at us. We can make it through hell and high water. By being apart and faithful shows a strong bond and love between two people.

I’m not saying my relationship is perfect, nor is any other. I’ve just learned to be more open to love despite the love-less world we live in. When a relationship is good, it’s good no matter the distance.