Love Poem

When do you know it’s right?

Is it when we became one as you held me tight?

Grasped me never letting go. I’m your Lady let it show

Maybe it’s when your lips meet mine that I know you love me.

Or maybe because you’re everything I want you to be?

Yet wanting is different than what I need.

But your love, oooh your love is so divine,

How do I ever begin to describe?

The feeling, oooh the feeling howdo I replace it?

The sound of your voice, please tell me how could I erase it?

Your love gives me life but it can also be the death of me.

Oh how I love thee unconditionally.

Is it too much? I always ask myself.

But then I think of your sight and it makes me melt.

The pure thought of you makes me whole.
But at what cost? Am I turning over my soul?

Do I give you so much that I’m losing some of me.

To obtain Love some would climb mountains and cross seas

For the soft, sweet, warm touch of our loved one to be.

Some love for all the wrong reasons,

But is there even a right one?

When one thinks of love,

What does one think of?

The love of life, the love of another, or love of Self?

Is one greater than the other having more wealth?

Would it be justified if I loved Me more than he,

Wait, but isn’t that the way Love ought to be?

Are there limits to one’s emotions?

Boundaries that build and build until there’s commotion?

Do we know what we want or what exactly what love is?

Or do we just ask questions?

Questions of love with no real answers.