Love has no gender

I always get asked the question, “Why do you choose to love women,” and I always answer back, “Why does it matter?”What people fail to realize is that it doesn’t matter who one person chooses to love. The fact that they are happy is what is important. When I choose a person to focus my attention on, I’m not thinking about what color they are, their size or their gender.

I take a look at their character. My mother always tells me to judge a person by their fruits. In the Bible, Matthew 7:18 reads, “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit.”

In other words the person you first get to know is the person they will always be. I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t change a person. You either have to love them for who they are and stay with them or love yourself more and leave. That stands for loving family, friends and lovers-male or female.

I am what people would label as bisexual. A bisexual is a person who decides to partake in relations with both genders.

When I inform people of my sexual orientation eyebrows raise, heads turn and curiosity peaks. I hate feeling like a science project whenever the subject comes up with people, especially males, who feel like the conversation should be geared towards what in my mind possessed me to make that decision.

This lifestyle is not easy to live with. You run the risk of losing people you love in the process and you may gain people that target to hurt you and or solely gain the experience.

My interest in both sexes is not a phase in my life but it is a part of who I am.
The saying “you can’t help who you love” holds some truth. Loving a woman is no different from loving a man.

The emotions, time and feelings that you invest into a same sex relationship has the same impact as a heterosexual relationship does.

I’ve heard a lot of people that don’t understand bisexuals or homosexuals assume the reason for the change is because the opposite sex has done something wrong, but that is untrue for many cases.

My misfortune in relationships with men did not result in me turning to a woman. The bond that I built and the security that I felt with a woman was what opted me to give a relationship a chance.

The end result led me to conclude that with either sex it takes blood, sweat and tears to make it work.

Because of the fact that I am a hopeless romantic, I am not afraid to take risks in finding it nor will I limit myself to save the possibility of being rejected by someone I may call my friend or family.