Debut novel based around life at Grambling State

In his debut novel, Lord Shabazz pens an urban love story that takes place way down in the dirty South. And to Kim, at times Louisiana and the men down there was just that-dirty and unfair.She loved some Grambling State though. And the faculty and student body at the historically Black university loved their homecoming queen just the same.
Kimberly Murray, who traveled from the prestigious hills of Oakland, Calif. in her new Mercedes to pursue an education, learned more a lesson of love and loving someone unconditionally than any academic course in her four year stay.

Come and travel with Kim. Have fun learning how she was able to overcome much adversity and in the midst of it all, remain a lady.
The book can be purchased from the Afro-Amercian Bookshop in New Orleans.

Shabazz known as Michael Mack, is a graduate of Grambling State, and in 2008 was awarded key to the city of Baton Rouge for his literary works and contributions to the “Stop The Killing project.”

He is author of the compelling, new novel “My Boo Kim” and its grimy follow up “Young & Thuggin”(a gangsta tale that takes place on the streets of his hometown of New Orleans).

Mack is founder of 19thLetter Publications, a rapidly growing, urban publishing house.
Ironically all of his literary success has come while he’s been in prison. Mack is currently serving a lengthy sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. After reading the remarkable stories of Vickie Stringer and Wahida Clark, who both come home from prison to start an urban line of books, he decided he would take on that challenge. But of course, his would come with greater adversity. He would have to do it all while still in prison.

To learn more about the author click on Who is Lord Shabazz at 19thLetterpublications.com.