Paranormal Activity 2 Review

Paranormal Activity 2 is a must-see and kept America awake until daybreak.People traveled from miles around to take a glimpse at this fall’s most horrifying film.

The movie aired midnight Friday and tickets sold out by 10:00p.m.

The movie was a box office hit and was shown in two theatres. Both filled instantly.

This anticipated movie was a train ride the moment the credits opened.

People were running in and out the theatre, screaming in disbelief and crying while others sat in their seats silent like lifeless toy soldiers, scared to move a muscle.

Each booming sound or unsettling event caused more and more commotion, forcing couples to clutch closer to each other.

This thrill seeker had a brilliant twist that made people stare in amazement as pieces of the puzzle became clear to audience that has seen the prequel.

People complained that many things were left out of the movie but it ties perfectly with the first series.

The sequel was more informative about the demon’s soul purpose of its attack on this particular suburban family.

Apparently, in the 1930s, the grandparents of Katie and Kristi were involved in a séance, and commanded wealth and power that ultimately requested the soul of the first-born male infant in the future family line.

Kristi, the mother of the Hunter (the first male born in four generations), experienced paranormal events.

These events terrorized the family for more than eight decades.

” I wonder why was there were so many children watching this movie.

“It was too frightening for young kids and I hope they don’t have nightmares,” said Antony Candler, a senior from Jennings.

The movie grossed a whopping 41 million dollars in its opening weekend and is still selling out all over America.

The movie is a cliffhanger.

The trilogy is bound to shock you even more than the previous Paranormal Activities.