Bold flair for the Black Affair

The time has come once again to dress to impress at the annual Black Affair. Keep your style sensually sassy or simply sexy as you make your way to the party this weekend.

Lovely styles, such as a simple LBD to accessorize with a color of your choice or sexy form-fitting booties and blazers, are definite options that are in style.For the fellas, the simple button-down can be dressed up to look like that of the ladies’ favorites, like Trey Songz, or Drake.

Play with layers and different footwear options so that you can catch a dance with your sexy lady.

For the ladies, you may also consider bringing couture to the clubs by going for styles that consist of lace, ruffles or patterns to accent your body shape.

Although the party is titled The Black Affair, it never hurts to dare to be different.

Prints are also recommended, as leopard is making a steady comeback, and zebra is slowly being put on the back burner. As for the wonderful world of make up, liners, mascara and bronzer are recommended.

MAC is definitely not affordable for everyone, but there are great options in Ruston at our local Wal-Mart. Concealers are also great for hiding any bags under the eyes, and you can match or complement your eye shadow with your garment.

Be sure to stock up on Q-tips and other simple at-home make up perfectors. Need your nails done?

There is a little spot in the Village as well as a few locations in Ruston or Monroe that offer great designs and colors.

Also, consider trying different hairstyles that can highlight your face and land you a date for another night.

Bold brows are also a wonderful option as you can easily make a statement, as long as we don’t look like the queen from Snow White.

Lip options for this weekend consist of reds and other colors.

But if you go for a classic red lip be sure that you find the right shade for you.
Nude lips are always lovely and go with anything you wear. Other color options to consider are plum and berry colors.

From these tips and tricks, be sure to find a way to look absolutely divine so that you may be the belle or beau of the ball at the Black Affair.