Tips to unwind after midterms

Cramming and hard-core focus have been on almost everyone’s agenda to prepare for midterms. Students have had plenty of study time over the past week.Many feel exhausted and need ways to refuel their jets for the weeks ahead.

A few ways to clear your mind and cleanse your body are as easy and painless as spending time with your friends.

Yoga is an emotionally and physically cleansing way to work out and stretch those tired muscles.

To also fight that oh-so- sluggish feeling, consider creating a workout routine. Cardio and endurance training will keep your body trim and fit and slam all lazy feelings by giving you energy.

Morning stretches are the simplest way to give you energy and keep you relaxed. Find music to soothe your soul by going outside of what you usually listen to. Rap, hip-hop and R&B are wonderful, but don’t be afraid to explore rock, country or classical music.

Foods easily stimulate mind as well as body. Fall’s wonder fruit, the pumpkin, holds many benefits. Being made mostly of water, it is a light and healthy fruit that can be used in baking, smoothies or other creative food ideas.

As it gets colder we must also keep an eye on our health. Fruits chock full of vitamin C are a must, as well as lemon and protein-filled foods to boost your immune system.

Rest is another way to restore your body over the weekend. Good rest rebuilds brain cells and gives restoration to a fatigued body. Aside from these options, cuddling and spending time with a significant other is one of the best ways to ease your mind and enjoy yourself.

Catching the latest movies or going out to eat are great options as well as staying in for quality time.

If a significant other isn’t present, then you can easily build up your love for yourself by looking into beauty tips or trying new experiences.

All of these tips can and should be applied to get you back to the fun-loving, not-stressed student who is ready for revival after celebrating the end of testing.