Hispanic Heritage videos a must-see

Hispanic Heritage Month is an interesting period of time because it doesn’t just cover one month. The celebration began Sept. 15 and will end Friday.The starting date was chosen because it marks the independence of five countries of Latin America.

To commemorate such an awesome month and see how Latin American heritage ties into our own, just check YouTube.

In your free time, take your laptop and this article as a guide to learn some really cool facts.

These videos will make you excited about celebrating such a brilliant culture that is strongly tied to African American history.
n YouTube Video 1: Channelonenews Hispanic Heritage Month.

This video gives us the basics. Did you know that within the next 50 years Latinos will make up one-third of the U.S. population?
Hispanic culture is American culture. It’s important for us to recognize the unique traits and celebrate them.

YouTube Video 2: Afrolatinoforum Afro Latin@s and Census 2010 – FACTS.

This clip is given in Spanish and English. According to the organization that recorded this video, only 3 percent of Hispanic people also identified as Black on the 2000 Census.

YouTube Video 3: Renzodevia English Trailer.
Afro-Latinos Now this is a must-see. Afro-Latinos is an upcoming documentary, which goes into our common history and heritage with Latin America, and some problems facing people in other countries on larger levels. This video also gives some exciting visuals of Afro-Latino culture.

YouTube Video 4: Renzodevia.
Afro-Mexican Exhibition in Chicago Segment. A cultural center in the Midwest, students from all around visit Chicago’s Mexican Fine Arts Museum.

“Many Mexicanos don’t realize how strong the African presence is in their own families,” curator Ceasario Moreno said.

n YouTube Video 5: Barackobamadotcom Latinos For Obama Feature of Hispanic Americans who canvassed for President Obama in the 2008 election with clips from a speech Obama made to a Hispanic audience.

Just like the African American community, many Hispanic Americans never voted before the 2008 elections.

Google Caesar Chavez, Celia Cruz, Nicolas Guillen, Rita Marley, the music Samba, or the religion Santeria.

There are stories waiting to be told, and voices waiting to be heard, so explore, discover, and celebrate!