GSU professor responds to US syphilis experiments

I watched the interview with the professor (Kathleen Sebelius) who was in charge of the research.She, of course, thought she would find more information regarding the Tuskegee research and found that there was information regarding Guatemala research.

I believe this is a repeated show of our western world and who we are, nothing different …

I was taken aback by the interview and how she minimized the wrong that was done regarding the Tuskegee experiment …

For some reason … “Black People’s” woes are always minimized and not recognized in this country as real (and) deserving of an apology for the wrong that has been done to us.

What was done to the Guatemalans and the same thing for the Tuskegee experiment … was an act that continues to perpetuate distrust in this country among people of color.

It is hard to develop trust among governmental official when one has suffers repeatedly under the hands of men who seemingly have all the power.

I believe it is an atrocity for all who were involved, but most of all I believe it gives us a clear picture of what we face as citizens in the US regarding our government and their hidden agenda…

I also thought the professor who exposed the experiment to the public . covered up for the Tuskegee experiment and minimized the harm . done in that experiment, as if it was OK to experiment on those men because she stated they were “in the late stages of syphilis.”

The Tuskegee Syphilis study left 399 untreated as American scientists studied the disease’s effects from the 1940s until the 1970s.

Editor’s note: In last week’s issue, it was reported that nearly 700 Guatemalans received syphilis. Other reports document that number at 1,500.