Why not let geek meet chic?

Dramatically different or simply serene, everyone can step up their fashion during cool weather.

Boots, scarves, hoodies and hair spray can all be used to showcase fall fashions for the week of midterms. Although the time has once again come to study and stay on track with our grades, why not look good doing so?

Being casually comfortable can benefit anyone by giving freedom to wear that hair down, while feeling mellow and marvelous.

Or if you would like to strut your stuff and be precociously pretentious, there are lovely options available online .

Stores including Urban Outfitters, Anthroplogie, Forever 21 and Spiegel offer great fashion options.

But if your price range is a little more on the limited side, there are other options that are just a click away.

During study breaks be sure to look in the shopping sections of Yahoo or Google and you just may find a steal on certain lavish items.

As for geek chic, be sure to properly prepare your mind as well as your body for this upcoming week.

Keep hydrated and think of trying healthful options to stimulate your mind and wallets.
McDonald’s can be convenient in price but it does nothing for your mind and misshapes your body.

Simple fruits, vegetables, healthy fish and chicken are the best options to build more brain cells and keep the body slim and trim.

Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A which helps improve vision as well as different fishes like salmon that contain omega 3 fatty acids that stimulate brain functions.

Dark legumes and tasty sweets like strawberries and pineapples also aid in giving energy to the body as well as keeping skin smooth and hair healthy.

Become the god or goddess of style that you were born to be while acing your midterms.

Tip on the tightrope as you begin to study for the next week’s upcoming exams and be sure not to fall short.

Also make sure to stock up on blue and green scantrons among other needed school supplies so that no one is left behind.

Bring an extra for a neighbor, for you never know when you will need someone to return the favor.

Try to check with your professors before the big test for understanding and extra credit options if available.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and by balancing everything with some effort everything can come out sublime for all.