Sports recap in tweetspeak

No, the NFL players are not “homos” if that’s what you were thinking. If you’re curious about all the players wearing pink in week 4 in the NFL, it’s because of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every team in the NFL is wearing pink gloves and cleats to show their support Breast Cancer Awareness. #MESSAGE.

Now we can begin the Sports Recap In TweetSpeak. Week 4 in the NFL was very intense.

It seemed like every game came down to the wire. Teams really had to step up to get wins. This week nothing came easy.

The San Francisco 49ers thought they had an easy victory. Then the Atlanta Falcons came back with a game-winning field goal.

This is the second consecutive week that the 49ers lost in the clutch. San Francisco just #CANTGETABREAK.

Sunday, the New Orleans Saints used their escape ability to avoid losing back-to-back games in the Superdome.

The Saints hosted a 0-3 Carolina Panthers team who really put up a fight against the defending champs.

In reality the Saints are not playing super bowl football, but they are still getting wins right and that’s all that matters. #TAKEITHOWYOUWANTIT.

The Saints are not really displaying the offensive flow they had last year and Sundays game was no different.

They did not score a lot of points. They went 3 and out on a number of possessions and catchable passes were dropped. Even Drew Brees’ pass got tipped.

On the other hand, their defense was on point. Only 4 games in the season and the Saints suffered from a number of injuries. They still find ways to get wins.

The game came down to the last two drives. Drew Brees tried to take the Saints to the end zone, but again their offense has not really showed up this season except for in the Carolina game.

The Saints’ special teams offense was outstanding. They scored 9 points, going 3-3 from the field including the game winning field goal. If you think the kicker was Garrett Hartley then #GUESSAGAIN please.

I applaud the Saints’ team management.
They believe that they are a championship team and championship teams should not miss game winning field goals.

They brought in John Carney, a 46 year old, to do all the kicking for them. Carney played 11 games last season for the Saints before they made Carney their kicking coach.

Last but not least I cannot forget about my team the Texans, 3-1 baby, and NBA 2k11 comes out on Tuesday and you know #IGOTTOHAVEIT.