Safe sex seminar lifts spirits

The Delta Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. hosted a safe sex seminar Wednesday night in room 243 of Favrot Student Union. The event prompted a packed audience and was filled with men and women, Greeks and non-Greeks.

The seminar covered the risks associated with sexual activities, the need for protection and the spiritual implications of premarital sex.

The Deltas presented scientific data and godly guidance during the seminar.

Dr. Cynthia Brown-Manning shared information about reproductive risks, and delivered the information with zeal and candor.

LaToya Tolbert talked about her journey from a worldly and uncertain young woman to a sound spiritual wife and mother.

“The seminar was needed to inform young men and women on campus about protecting themselves …

“Knowing how to protect your body and recognizing how valuable your body is very important for college students,” said LaSherri Fields, a senior from Spearsville.