Naturally relaxed

India Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Angie Stone; these are a few of the women that set the tone for rocking natural hair.

From dreads, to twists, to free flowing ‘fros, women are pushing the chemicals aside and giving their roots a new look.African American women are known worldwide for being confident, bold, strong trendsetters. We come in different shapes, sizes, complexions, features, and styles, which all make us unique.

Too many times I’ve heard someone say black women only relax their hair so they can look more like the Caucasian woman, or that Black women who relax their hair are caught up in the “American girl image,” or Black women who relax their hair don’t truly know their culture.

I’ve even heard that Black women that relax their hair are less beautiful; I beg to differ. Hair does not define who you are, what you know, or how beautiful you are.

Hair is just another feature that adds to your appearance and individuality, and beauty is whatever you want it to be.
Just because you choose to wear hair extensions or use man-made chemicals does not mean that you are in denial with who you are.

Now, I’m all for knowing my culture and advocating for healthy hair, but every woman does not have to have natural hair just to know they are Black and beautiful.

Having natural hair does not make you any more familiar with your heritage than the next woman.

Having said this, I am not knocking any woman that embraces her natural hair or even considers doing so, but I do believe just because one prefers to be naturally relaxed instead, does not make them any less of a full blown, strong African American woman.

We have to stop tearing each other down and allowing others to do so for our difference in opinions, beliefs, or lifestyles.
We have to set the bar for others to follow because that is what we, as confident African American women do.

Support your sisters. Stand by your sisters. Embrace your sisters. Empower your sisters.

To the women with natural hair, I applaud you. To the women with naturally relaxed hair, I too applaud you.

Whether you choose to let it flow freely using only natural products or let it hang down your back with the chemicals man has produced, we are still all one in the same naturally beautiful black women.