‘Good Hair’: A Male’s Perspective

Since the beginning of the semester women have been going hair crazy. In particular Naturalistas, as they are now referred to has thrown away their weaves, perms, relaxers and pressing combs.
The recent publications in The Gramblinite, the issue of natural verses synthetic hair has been a hot topic. It has persuaded many to go natural, and others opt for the traditional straightening perm. But are these hair styles and hair alterations brought on by the influence of the opposite sex? How are they perceived amongst men? What does it imply about women who go natural? And ultimately, what do men prefer?
Using today’s modern technology I posed those same questions via the Face book, Twitter, and sent a mass text to a host of my male friend’s commonly known as bro’s. Through the opinion of others I must say I was surprised to hear not only their responses, but also the reactions of females.
“It was more of me thinking about men. But I find that some guys like it and some don’t. Usually older guys do,” Donneka Green said. A large number that commented established that hair change is not brought on because of a male’s influence initially, but if asked they would change it to please their companion.
The majority of men are shallow beings and enjoy simplicity. But with shallowness and simplicity, exterior and interior beauty is a necessity.
Nauturalistas have been around for years. Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and male’s such as Lenny Kravitz have flaunted there natural roots for years. Shockingly to my surprise young African American males prefer women with the natural look. Many feel that natural hair is the best way to go. Women who were there hair natural have more confidence, high self esteem, and security within their outer appearance. But with Naturalistas also consider, style, color, and presentation; and men believe that comes along with skin color. It must be a representation of you who are as an individual and match your pigmentation. I must say we have not gotten over our color barrier; those women who are favored in wearing the hair naturally are light skinned women, because of the rare amount of dark skinned who rocks the Naturalista look. Many men believe that a natural look does not have to consist of sister locks, or an afro, but prefer a much more wavy or slicked back look forming into a ponytail.
As for synthetic hair, weaves are as equally as popular as real hair. It gives women a variety of styles to manipulate and if managed and taken care of correctly is a bonus for males.
What we have to understand is that there is no such thing has “good hair”, especially since our hair grows naturally in a coil and is a lot safer than chemicals, but the honest truth everything isn’t for everybody. Some styles aren’t meant to be on every woman, but if it allows you to strut with confidence, security, and self -satisfaction then so be it.
Justin Madden is a junior mass communication major from L.A.