‘Deathtrap’ leaves audience in suspense

The 2010 season opener for the Theatre Arts Departments was nothing short of a thrill-seeker. Death Trap is considered one of Ira Levin’s premiere plays. The play’s storyline took the audience on a ride of kills and chills not to mention there were startling surprises and unexpected twists left and right.

Sidney Bruhl one of the five major characters in the play is played by Monroe native, Reginald Robinson II, a senior marketing major. Bruhl was an accomplished playwright who hadn’t had a major hit in awhile and was looking for his new claim to fame with the playwright he was currently writing.

Unfortunately, something about it just wasn’t quite right.

Clifford Anderson an up and coming playwright was one of Bruhl’s younger colleagues who had a major hit on his hands.
It wasn’t until Clifford Anderson, played by Timothy Eugene, junior theatre major, sent him a copy of his playwright that he would then devise a mischievous plan to take it from Anderson and make it his own.

The beginning of the play opened up to Mr. Bruhl and his wife Mrs. Bruhl, played by Erika Denine’, freshman theatre major, talking about the playwright in which Mr. Bruhl had been working on.

Although the beginning of the play was rather slow, the plot began to pick up and became more appealing to the audience.

To get the ball rolling on his devious plan Bruhl had Anderson met up with him at his house to go over the play and to see if any changes could be made to improve the quality of it.
As the two sat in the well-decorated living room of antiques consisting of masons, bow-and-arrows, guns and other props from Bruhl’s previous plays they talked about the options in which they saw the play could possibly go.

Mrs. Bruhl even had some suggestions of her own as she interjected into their conversation as to what she felt was in the best interest for both parties.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Bruhl’s true colors began to show and his green with envious attitude compelled him to kill Anderson.

A sea of gasps echoed through the crowd when this happened. “I was shocked to see him actually kill the guy, I didn’t know having a play was really that important to him, but obviously it was”, said Antionette Johnson, senior physchology major.

As the play continued on, the plot began to get even crazier, leaving the audience not knowing what to expect next.

The Bruhl’s got a house guest who predicted their future, Helga Ten Dorp, a physic, played by Ruston native, Ashley Boston, sophomore theatre major. Her accurate descriptions of the very events that had transpired prior to her arrival, creeped Mrs. Bruhl out to the fullest, on the other hand not really bothering Mr. Bruhl at all.

Helga Ten Dorp repeatedly said, “Pain is here, pain is here,” refering to the killing of Anderson which she felt through the vibes in the house and the premonitions she had earlier that evening. Although her message was extremely serious, the crowds laughter could be heard between her comical jokes on stage.

“I thought she was hilarious, between her waving her scarf at everything and the jokes she was making, I couldn’t stop laughing”, said Brittany Curtis, public administration graduate student.

Before leaving she would warn them to take hede to what she was telling them and to be aware of the dangers that were lurking ahead.

This is only half of what you’ll get to witness if you go see the play. Not only is the plot befitting of the characters, but more importantly they all worked together to bring the story alive. Its a suspense and comedy all rolled into one, so your sure to leave excited and wanting more. “Death Trap” is terrifying treat and if you haven’t already seen it, it should definitely be something to go see before its gone!

Death Trap will be showing in the Floyd L. Sandle Theatre Performing Arts Center through Friday. Tickets can be purchased in the Performing Arts Center, student tickets are $2 and $3 at the door, general admission is $3 and $5 at the door.

So if you’re a thrill-seeking, on-the-edge of your seat type of guy or gal, Death Trap is a must-see.