Music Department holds first recital in new auditorium

The soothing sounds of promising music majors filled the Recital Auditorium of the Frederick Hobdy Performing Arts Centre on Friday. This was the first of the Music Department weekly recitals for the semester.Malcolm Spencer, assistant professor in the music department, said that the performance was momentous.

“This was a historic performance, as it was the first recital to take place in this new facility . It’s a great place to be in,” Spencer said.

Spencer also added, “It was a good start for the semester.”
While there are some challenges, he is optimistic that they will improve.

Prior to using the new facility, recitals were held in the choir room of the Dunbar building.

The new performance room, according to students and professors, lends itself to professionalism and comfort.

According to the professor, students were evaluated and will be given a grade based on their presentation.

Professor Spencer said he also met with each of his students and reviewed their performances in an effort to improve their skills.

The program consisted of April Cole on Piano performing “Sneaky Business,” and “Venetian Boat Song” performed by Antonio Caldwell on piano, while Daniza Scott presented Bach’s Suite from “Minuet”on trumpet.

Also taking part in the recital was Derrick Stoner’s trumpet presentation of “Sonata VIII.” Finis Tolliver played “Andante” and “Presto” on trumpet. The curtain came down on the performance with Damiane D. Turner trumpet presentation of “Andante et Allegretto.”

“I think I did pretty good, but it could have been better,” said Turner, a senior music major from El Dorado, Arkansas.

He said the atmosphere was different and he is looking forward to senior recital in Spring of 2011.

Several other music majors who attended the performance said they were eagerly awaiting their opportunity to make their presentation. The next recital will take place on Friday at 10 a.m. There is no entrance fee and all students, regardless of their majors are invited to attend.