Michael Vick’s play is making him top dog once again

In April of 2001 he was the first overall pick in the NFL, along with being the savior of an average football franchise in the Atlanta Falcons. January 2004 he was playing in the NFC championship game vs. his current team the Philadelphia Eagles (Falcons lost 24-10). Two the years later he would be the face of the league and one of the most dynamic players in history. Then the applauses run dry and the party stops.

August 27, 2007 he pleads guilty for his role in heading a dog fighting ring and will serve two years in federal custody.

The year is now 2010 and Michael Dwayne Vick is climbing his way back to into the circle of elite signal callers in the Nation Football League. Arguably playing some of the best football of his career, Vick’s naysayers are eating the very words that many spewed as he went through hardship.

Dozens of analysts’ local and national fame were highly critical of Vick once again becoming a starting quarterback in the league. Further driving home their point was that only one team (Philadelphia Eagles) showed interest in Vick, and they had a starting quarterback and one in waiting. He would be used sparingly in wildcat formations and certain packages.

Upon his release from prison some even stated that the newly formed United Football League was his only viable option. Nevertheless the Newport News, VA native stuck by his convictions when he proclaimed that he could and would start again in the NFL. All if given the opportunity he contested that he would make good.

Rather than focus on the racial inequities of this touchy situation, one should focus on the overall feel good story of Vick’s redemption. We live in the United States of America where even some of the most repugnant figures in our society are privy to a second chance.

So far number seven is living proof of what happens when you give a once in a lifetime talent another chance to be showcased. Surprisingly, many analysts were shocked. Not by Vick’s winning ways but in the manner he’s winning them.with his arm.

In my humble opinion it was never a question of Vick’s accuracy or mechanics but of his team’s offensive weapons. During his tenure in Atlanta the receiving corps of Michael Jenkins and Roddy White was as reliable as making an umbrella out of toilet tissue.

In Philadelphia ultra speedy pro bowler Desean Jackson, along with equally fast wideout Jeremy Maclin have Vick’s best options being getting the ball into their hands. Playing in coach Andy Reid’s system allow Michael to use his athleticism as a utility weapon to go with his cannon like arm.

So in October 2010 stands a more humble man in Vick. A more mature player in many respects this season. Through three games he is 2-0 as a starter with six touchdowns through the air and one on the ground. His quarterback rating is an astonishing 110.1 with no interceptions.

This Sunday when the Eagles take on the visiting Washington Redskins, Vick will facing the man who he’s come to replace as the QB in Philly, Donovan Mcnabb (played 10 seasons with Eagles). And the outcome of the game will be a huge factor in deciding how the rest of the season will play out being as someone will look like a genius and someone else a dunce. Either way Vick represents a life coming full circle, at least for the moment.

More than the on the field accomplishments his maturation as a human is to be revered. Does Vick’s resurgence into the limelight bolster the notion that America loves a winner over all else? His once suspended jerseys are once again on high demand from the public.

Will the endorsements come back if he keeps winning? There are a lot of unknowns at this point for Vick’s future, but the here and now is simple.and it’s how you get back up after you should fall in this life.