Lyrical Quest, battle of the sexes, pure talent

The flowing words of young artists were center stage as Lyrical Quest presented an open mic night last week in the Atrium of the Favrot Student Union. If you wanted to get discovered, this was the right place to get started.

The show, which was a combination of Quest and campus talent, began with Deron James singing the Lyrical Quest theme song.

The inspiration continued as more people started to break out of their shells.

We had the typical men versus women “fire and ice” spit war.
The great thing is everyone knew it was all for fun.

As I sat back down and listened to the lyrics that filled the four walls, I heard this song that tugged at my heart.

Next was the start of random poems turned out to be the best of the best.

There were the comedic performers who filled the place with laughter, collaborations, and riskier artists with more personal pieces.

Exes reflected about their past loves and cheaters opened up about their many partners.

One thing seemed for sure. There was definitely love in the air.

As the night continued, there was great anticipation. The crowd became more excited and everyone wanted a chance to take the stage.

We had first timers that blew their performances out of the water.

The lyrics were uplifting and beautiful.

At times the faces of the audience seems as if the words spoken were meant for their ears only.

As I sat back listening, I could not help but wonder where all this talent came from?

It was a great idea to have a venue where anyone could showcase his/her talent without fear or discrimination.

“Quest, art and campus performances have been the only things keeping me coming back to Grambling semester after semester.

“It means everything to me to have the opportunity to share my craft with my peers,” said James, who added that the experience opened doors for amazing friendships and opportunities.

The open mic performances were raw. The talent was pure.

So if you ever have the urge to watch a show or perform, keep an eye and an ear out for upcoming Lyrical Quest events.
Anyone is welcome to share his/her gifts. The only rule?

Respect the mic.