Loose tracks and Cadillacs- critical fashion commentary

Last weekend’s State Fair Classic was an interesting fashion scene.As a result, many came home stylistically scarred from the atrocities they witnessed at and around the game.

In the hair world you can wear it natural, permed or weaved.

However some changed hairstyles and became monsters.

Some who are simple at school, allowed a setting change and a fresh sew-in or perm to make them ignorantly bold.

Why let your hair determine how you act?

This game showed that people need to take the time to look not only at the front, but also at the back of their heads as well.

Quick weaves slipped all weekend, but not because of the rain.

As people we need to make sure if we do our hair, it’s done right.

Nails also made people forget where they were, as hands flew in faces all weekend.

You never raise your hand to answer a question, but now you know it all?

Perhaps not.

In retrospect, many people looked well put together. Others missed the mark.

Metallic leggings, neon underwear and baggy rubber-banded jeans were all seen in Dallas.

The folks who waited to bring out the “good stuff” didn’t realize that it wasn’t being as good to them as they thought.

Apple Bottoms met apple shapes.

Worn out Roca Wear was donned. Matching neon outfits made a myriad of people resemble the Kool-Aid section at Wal-Mart.
Tricked out vehicles were another fashionable accessory in D-town.

The vehicles were outfitted with rims galore.

Texas sized trucks matched their size with alarming blow horns.

Luxury vehicles caused some to wish for additional funds.

Aside from the automotive market, shopping was very abundant and appreciated in the city of Dallas.

Places like Northpark mall and the Galleria offered numerous stores to satisfy everyone’s style.

Although these stores provided us with a temporary shopping haven, new styles and classic ones were found throughout the city.

All in all, we are all encouraged to keep things cute, dapper and always fashionably flirtatious.