A sneakerhead’s gold: New Jordans coming

If you have ever hyperventilated at any of its predecessors, the arrival of this shoe is sure to raise your heart rate and anxiety levels. Self-proclaimed “sneaker-heads” waited long enough for the second coming. The “Cool Grey” style of the Jordan XI is slated for a December re-release.

Michael Jordan debuted the original Air Jordan XI shoe during the semi-finals of the 1995-1996 campaign.

While the rest of the Bulls wore all black shoes, Jordan wore the semi-flashy white, mid-top shoe.

The league ruled that no player, Michael Jordan included, should be exempt from following guidelines for players mandated by the league.

Jordan was subsequently fined $5,000 for his arrogance.

When the “Cool Grey” shoe debuted in March 2001, its release caused riots and property damage.

Many waited overnight in line to purchase the shoe, but the wait turned malicious when their sizes sold out.

This was the first time since 1995 that the shoe would be released.

Many people think the XI was Jordan most recognizable shoe because of its distinct pattern and exuberant appearance. It has an undeniable row of patent leather that runs around the bottom of the shoe.

In the movie Space Jam, Jordan dons the all black version of the XI.

The “Space Jam” style of the shoe was shown in the 1996 Disney movie, Space Jam and brought more attention to the already distinct model.

The Jordan Brand has announced it will re-release the “Cool Grey” style of the Jordan XI on December 23 with a price tag of $175.

The release of the highly anticipated shoe will be similar to the Air Jordan XI “Space Jam” edition that was re-released almost a year ago.

Unless you are into shoes, you will never understand the logic and feeling a “sneaker-head” feels after making a purchase.